Big Data Lab: the project


Big Data Lab is a network of Enterprises established in 2014 and focused on Big Data-driven solutions, accelerating innovation through R&D projects in contexts where data are (or may become) an indispensable asset. In order to meet the demands and the challenges of current business scenarios - dominated by large volumes of data, coming from multiple sources in real time- Big Data Lab develops dynamic solutions leading a path of growth and development.

The increasing need of public and private organizations to manage Big Data has shown the performance limits of existing relational DBMS (Database Management Systems). Since new methods and tools are needed to process information, the Network has focused first on Apache Cassandra, NoSQL database, developed by Apache Software Foundation and released under an open source license technology.

A further phase of research will enable the network to be an effective place of innovation providing cutting-edge solutions, where R&D activities are carried out in a pro-active and cooperative way.

Besides the industrial research, the experimental activities of Big Data Lab have developed several prototypes that, paving the way to high value-added products and services, already provide a tangible proof of the skills and competences gained by the Network in Big Data applications.


Cassandra Suite: Open Source tools and libraries

Heart of the project Big Data Lab, Cassandra Suite is a set of tools and libraries that supports Open Source projects in the field of Big Data, specifically related to Apache Cassandra .

The tools and libraries aim to improve and optimize the use of Apache Cassandra in new projects , simplifying the steps of installation, configuration, monitoring and development of applications.

• Cluster Monitor: tool for monitoring the nodes of Apache Cassandra through a Web interface;

• Cassandra Workbench: GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool for creation, execution and optimization of queries in Apache Cassandra;

• Cassandra Log4j: Java library for storing information via Log4j log in Apache Cassandra;

• Cassandra Criteria: Java library for creating queries without typing strings CQL (Cassandra Query Language), but using objects.

Mirage: Augmented Reality to merge physical and virtual reality

Mirage is an Augmented Reality application using innovative glasses and devices that can read and interpret the movements of the human body, in order to interact with virtual objects through "gesture".

What Mirage is able to provide is a fusion between physical and virtual reality to see, manipulate and analyze in detail any object, thus introducing a new concept of product that offers strong emotional impacts and numerous areas of application. Mirage allows real-time configurations of the entire range of products of a company, eliminating the need of large spaces for exhibiting while saving the costs of transport of physical objects.

xView : Web Application to create customized apps

xView is an application that offers a simple and innovative way to create interactive and multimedia App for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, directly from paper or digital documents (catalogs , brochures, files, etc.)

xView is a service designed for those users who need an easy and autonomous transformation "Paper to Mobile" of their documents. The automation introduced by xView allows companies to publish their contents in the App store in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Local Advisor : the social network connecting customers and managers of commercial activities

Local Advisor is an application that simplifies the interaction between managers of commercial structures and their customers through a social communication channel.

In addition to a Web interface for the business administration, Local Advisor offers a mobile access to the service through iOS and Android apps, providing an innovative format that will ensure that every single review is valid and reliable.

ODM: the application to use and publish Open Data

ODM, or Open Dataset Manager, is a simple and intuitive interface that enables public authorities to publish their data as Open Data, according to current e-Government policies whose purpose is to leverage the enormous public information assets. On one hand, the application identifies datasets; on the other hand, it ensures that these datasets meet the requirements of Open Data or LOD (Linked Open Data), addressing Web Users and IT companies to give them an easy and effective access to the portal.

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